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Wesleyan Holiness Connection (Europe)
A network of churches and people seeking fresh influence of God’s holiness in the 21st Century.

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Wesleyan Holiness Connection

About Us

What is the Wesleyan Holiness Connection (Europe)?

The Wesleyan Holiness Connection (Europe) is a relational network of churches, schools, and organisations committed to bringing God’s holiness into full and transforming engagement with today’s culture. Rarely has there been a more dynamic time for God’s holiness to make a difference in our communities and world. The participating WHC denominations and institutions share a common heritage in the historic holiness movement and desire nothing less than a fresh expression of holiness in the 21st Century.  With an emphasis on personal and social holiness, we together lean forward in navigating the tough issues that confront us. We draw from the deep well of our identity and heritage rooted in the broad holiness movement.


Upcoming events

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November 1st and 2nd, 2024

Gather for worship, seminars, food and fellowship. Opportunities to visit local Wesleyan sites.



April 25th and 26th, 2025

Gather for worship, seminars, food and fellowship. Opportunities to visit local Wesleyan sites.

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Conference 2024

Conference Closed
Birmingham, UK

This conference has finished.

We gathered at New Life Wesleyan Church in Birmingham to share in worship, learning, deep reflection, and community with one another. Our theme for the conference was, 'Holiness for such a time as this' as we aimed to rekindle the passion and profile of the Holiness message.


Through a range of interactive workshops and discussion we explored our understanding of 'Wesleyan Holiness Connectionalism' as a Christ-centred, transforming, and enriching community. We took time to reflect on different aspects of Wesleyan Holiness through the interconnected avenues of theology, mission and practice; where worship, networking, and theological exploration converge to inspire, challenge, and empower. This was a wonderful time where connections were forged, relationships developed, and where we began to form a community that seeks to live out the transformative message of Wesleyan Holiness in today's world.

This conference was hosted by the New Life Wesleyan Church (Birmingham) and sponsored by the Wesleyan Holiness Connection.

The Conference
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